Lucas’ Birth Story

    On Wednesday, 07/13/11 around 6:15 pm,  I was laying on a raft in the pool with my sister ,Sara, when Doug came running out of the house with my phone letting me know it was my Dr. We had been awaiting her call, but we just weren’t sure when that would be. She immediately asked what we were doing the next morning on 07/14/11…to which I replied, “It looks like we’re having a baby!” My Dr. gave us the details and told us to get there by 8am. There is no stranger feeling than to know when you will be going to the hospital to have your baby. I was still holding out hope that Lucas would decide to come on his own over night, but no such luck. So, instead of our normal Wed night dinner at the club, we decided we would go have our last dinner out as a family of 2.
   We arrived at the hospital the next morning and got all checked in. I was still 2 1/2 cm dilated when they started the Pitocin. I didn’t have much of a birth plan except that I did really want to wait until I was  5 cm dilated before getting the epidural only b/c  I did not want to stall labor. Several hours passed and I wasn’t making much progress except that the contractions steadily became more intense to the point that I just couldn’t take the pain any longer.  Both the nurse and my Doctor both said that they didn’t know many women who could withstand that level of pain which made me feel a little better. Honestly, I probably could have held out longer if it had not been for the back labor (which made me worried about the babies’ position). So, around noon I decided to get the epidural. I had not realized how scared I was to get the epidural until the time came.  As the Dr was inserting the catheter in my back, a few contractions came and went and then mom showed up. I was holding a pillow in my lap and after hearing her voice, I just broke out in tears (not the best time to start crying when a Dr is inserting a needle in your back). It just goes to show that no matter how old you may be, your mother is always your mom and will always provide that sense of relief when needed.  She was, of course asked to leave until they were done which was probably a good thing. A few hours later, I realized I was in trouble when I was starting to feel the contractions through the epidural even after pressing that pump several times. My doctor was right though…with the epidural doing it’s job, my labor actually began to progress as I was no longer fighting through the pain of each contraction. I had quickly gone from a 3 to a 7 and before I knew it I was at a 9 ½. By 7pm, the nurse went to turn on the baby warmer and said I was almost a ten. Seeing the baby warmer turned on sent both Doug and I crying. The time had come and soon we would be holding our baby boy in our arms. I was concerned though about the pain I was in, so they had the Anesthesiologist come and administer a “delivery dose”. I think that stuff worked too well b/c I couldn’t feel my legs AT ALL which I really hated. The nurse came in warning me that b/c this was my first child, not to expect this to be over too quickly. It could likely take about 1 1/2 hrs or so. Which meant it wouldn’t hurt to try to relax and center myself. I had Doug turn on my phone to the spa music I had downloaded.  After 10 min or so of  focusing on the relaxing music and doing some breathing exercises, the nurse decided to have me give a test push… it was go time!!!
   As I gave my first push, she immediately had me stop as Lucas was ready to greet the world. She was blown away and called to have my Dr. paged immediately as we were ready to deliver.  Seriously my nurse was beside herself. My Dr. showed up a few minutes later (thank goodness she lives just around the corner from the hospital) and after the second push, she had me stop. Lucas’ head was out and his cord was tightly wrapped around his neck not once, but twice. I had no idea. I looked at Doug and by his expression, I just thought he was in complete awe of what was happening. The Dr just said “Sorry dad, you don’t get to cut this cord today” which is when I pretty much figured out what was going on. Without blinking, my Dr had quickly and smoothly cut the cord off Lucas’ neck and then handed him immediately to the Baby Nurse. He looked SOOO tiny. Lucas gave a little whimper and thank goodness he did not even need the assistance of oxygen. He was perfectly healthy and BEAUTIFUL!! This was a moment I don’t ever want to forget. For months I had been looking forward to this day. At times I had been nervous, but the anxiety was about the taking on the responsibility of raising our son. I had always been looking forward to experiencing the birth process. Some say I’m crazy to not want to forget anything about that day as it was truly a miraculous event that I was able to share with my best friend, my husband. Talk about AMAZING. At 7:58 pm, Lucas Edward York was born weighing 5 lbs 12 oz and 18.5 inches long

    Dad – I know your were and always will be looking down on us. You finally have your bambino who will carry your name with him always and your ears J He is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. He is a spitting image of his dad, Doug. I have had a tough time seeing my features in him, but realized that he has my ears which are a little Morrison and a little Hamlet.
    A few minutes after delivery, Lucas was placed on my chest so we could do skin to skin. Doug and I spent the next hour cooing over our precious miracle. Doug and I had neglected to tell our parents of the hr of uninterrupted skin to skin time we would have after delivery. So, around 9pm, my mom broke in the room dying to see her grandson. They were worried something had gone wrong so we told them to give us a little more time and then we would let them in. We just wanted a little more quiet time with our sweet boy
This guy is so fortunate to have so many people in his life who love him.
Lucas and Gran
Aunt Carrie
GiGi and Pops
Aunt Sara
GiGi and Gran
The Yorks

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One comment on “Lucas’ Birth Story
  1. Again, congratulations! This was a beautiful story. Cherish every moment with your little angel.

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