7 Months Old

Dear Lucas,

You are SEVEN months old today… Let me repeat that…You are SEVEN months old.


Height -???

Weight – 14 lbs 9 oz (10th percentile)

Head Circumference -???


I have still been able to breastfeed you exclusively. My original goal was to make it to six months which we have done. So, now I’m taking it month by month. I have no plans on quitting so we will keep on keeping on until the well runs dry…or you get teeth or turn 1 yr. While we gave you solids a few times before you turned 6 months, on your 6 month birthday, we officially started solids. I am making all of your food which has really been a great experience. Besides rice and oatmeal, you have had Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Apples, Bananas, Carrots, Peaches, Avocado, and Peas all of which you have really liked. I will say though that you are not 100% sold on carrots and you completely surprised me about the peas. I expected you not to like them, but you actually did. You have veggies and a grain for dinner every night and recently I have started giving you oatmeal and fruit mid morning. Next month I will likely add lunch giving you 3 solid meals/ day in addition to nursing which it the most important meal of the day. I don’t want to jinx things, but you have dropped the 4am feeding which is great. It has been nice to truly be able to sleep through the night.


You are wearing  3-6 months and 6 months


You are wearing size 2 diapers full time, day and night.


You continue to be more alert each and every day.  You are getting closer and closer to being able to sit up. i make sure to sit with you on the floor once or twice/ day and play. You tend to “list” a little to the left, but you’re slowly gaining your balance. When I first sit you down you can usually let go for a few seconds until you fall over. After that you don’t even try to sit up.  You just want to lean on me or you roll over on your tummy and scoot.

I decided to try putting you in your stroller one day without your carseat. Since you are not sitting up on your own, I wasn’t sure how you would do, but you did GREAT <INSERT PIC>  You really seemed to be enjoy facing out and seeing what I see instead of just seeing me 🙂 Recently you have started sucking on my chin. It is so funny. A really good trick you learned one evening was removing your own bib. We were eating dinner and after removing it once, I couldn’t keep it on you. It was really pretty funny.

You came down with your first ear infection this month. About 1 1/2 weeks ago I was feeding you dinner and you started shivering. I could not figure out why you would have been so cold, but then it dawned on me that you could be coming down on a fever…and in fact you were. Within minutes you vomited all over me (peas and rice 🙂 It was so heartbreaking to see you getting sick. It scared daddy and I very much. I bathed you, got you warm, and then held you while you slept for the next several hours. You doctor also thought that you might have allergies, so he prescribed you some allergy medicine which turned out to be a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE mistake. It made you anxious, nervous, depressed, etc… and you decided you did not want to sleep without being in my arms. You refused to sleep in your crib which made for some very uncomfortable nights as I either had you in bed with us or I held you and slept in the recliner in your room. The day I took you off the medicine you started sleeping again. I learned a great lesson to discuss the side effects/alternatives with the Dr before getting home AND to find a new Pediatrician. Hopefully you never remember this past week as it was complete torture on you, daddy, and me. But, all that matters is that you are feeling better and are sleeping again…at least until you start cutting teeth.

You are still a pretty good sleeper. I put you down around 6:30-7:00 and you sleep until 7am. I want you to know what a joy it is to have you in our lives. I’m still surprised when I see myself holding you in a mirror. Your dad and I both feel so blessed and couldn’t imagine life without you.

While I am in no hurry for you to grown up, your dad and I look forward to all of your next milestones and all of the fun activities we will be able to do with you as you grow. We love you very much and continue to feel extremely blessed to be your parents.

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One comment on “7 Months Old
  1. Katy Link says:

    Precious pictures. I wonder why your pedi had you try claritin. My pedi and a friends pedi had us try Zrytec and it’s been great. It’s really helped clear up his nose and it actually makes him drowsy so he sleeps great t night.

    I saw your comment about getting him in MDO. Right now we got to churh every Sunday frim 9-12, Bible Study every Tues from 9-11, and MOPS every other Monday from 9-12. He never naps while he is there. So he basically skips his morning nap but then still just takes a 45-1hr nap in the afternoon. Crazy kid!! I am applying to teach mothers day out at my church next semester so he might possibly be going to shool with me 2 days a week from 9-2. I’m pretty sure they have the kids take one nap in he middle of he day which is different from or schedule, so we’ll see how that goes!!

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