9 Months Old

Dearest Lucas,

You are 9 months old today!


Height – 27 in (12th percentile)

Weight – 16 lbs 10 oz (3rd percentile)

Head Circumference – 43.3 cm (6th percentile)


I took my second business trip this month. Along with that trip came the big decision…Do I bring the pump and pump all week, worrying about storage, etc…? I had been preparing for another trip so I already had enough frozen breastmilk to feed Lucas for 5 days (@ 20 bottles). I just needed to decide if I wanted to go through the trouble of pumping for a week while out of town. I had done it before so I wasn’t as nervous about it. I tossed the idea back and forth, but when it came down to it, I wasn’t prepared to quit breastfeeding and I didn’t want the trip to be the reason to quit. So the pump came along. I’m so glad I did it. Truthfully, I never thought that I would still be breastfeeding after 9 mos. I feel so blessed to still be able to nurse and will continue as long as I am able to do so.

We have started giving you meats and finger foods. So far you will eat anything I give you. The most difficult thing I face is knowing when you are full. The few times you have ever turned away from food where when you did not feel very well. So far, the only thing you seem to have reacted negatively to is chicken so I have stopped giving it to you temporarily. Otherwise, we have started giving you diced Mango, green beans, squash, pears, avocado,  pureed turkey/rice, prunes, blueberry and banana yogurt, blueberries, ham, watermelon, cheerios, eggs, and melba toast and water. I also started giving you Gerber premade food once you started eating a lot more because I just couldn’t keep up with your appetite in terms of making your food at home. For the most part you eat about 5.5 oz for each meal.


You are wearing some 3-6 months and 6 months.


You are officially out of the swaddlers. You have moved to the Cruisers, size 3. For some reason this was a tough transition for me. Moving out of swaddlers meant that you are just not a baby anymore.


Where do I start? You are changing every single day. It has been so much fun watching you grow up. You still have not mastered THE crawl. You pretty much just do the army crawl. Once you get to your “destination” then you will crawl on your knees a few “Steps”, but nothing more than that. I’m pretty convinced that you will go straight from the army crawl to walking. Over the past 2 weeks, you have started pulling up on your knees and feet so we had to lower your crib halfway down.

For some reason one of the biggest things I have worried about since you were born was making sure that we could put you to bed awake and for you to be able to put yourself to sleep. You finally are doing this which makes me so happy. It seemed like such a natural transition. The first couple of times we out you down awake, you cried 40 min – 1 hr. Now, if you cry at all, its only for a few minutes. I hope this keeps up.

You have started waving and saying “bah bah”. You won’t always wave on queue, but you wave nonetheless. For a while, we have been bathing you in the baby tub which we have had in the big tub and we finally took the baby tub out of the picture. We are now bathing you in the big boy tub. At first you would lay your head down and the water would shock you, but you are definitely getting more comfortable with the water (good and bad).

You have finally cut your first tooth. Only one tooth so far and it is still hard to see, but it is there. I have been expecting a long night for your teething, but this tooth did not seem to even phase you. I don’t expect this to be the norm, but I’ll take it for now J

I took you in for your 9 month well check and learned that you are still anemic and you have a heart murmur. Your  Doctor is convinced that the murmur is related to the anemia, but we can’t figure out why your iron is still low after giving you iron supplements for a month. So, my excitement for a “no shot” checkup was quickly diminished when your Dr decided to order a complete CBC blood panel to try and get more answers. I was holding you and the nurse walked in the room with a large bucket of vials. As she walked up to me with a tourniquet, I realized they weren’t pricking your finger again and I lost it. I handed you over and walked out of the room. I just couldn’t handle seeing them do that to you. You know what?? While I was out in the hall crying, you were in the room NOT crying while they stuck a needle in your vein. You were AWESOME. You finally started really crying because you didn’t want to be held down on the table anymore. After taking 5 vials of blood, it was definitely more traumatic for me than it was for you. Your dad and me are eagerly awaiting a call on the test results from your doctor.


Ever since the time change, I have been putting you to sleep a little later than normal. After bringing you home from school, I have been wanting to spend a little time with you outside so we have been going for walks a few times/week. On top of that you have also started waking up earlier than normal (@ 6 am). While this is a bit difficult, I have started taking advantage of this by getting you to school earlier than normal so that I can get to work sooner. I still wish you would start sleeping until 7 again, but I won’t complain.

Your Dad and I love you dearly. We are blessed beyond measure to be your parents. Thank You for lighting up our lives each and every day. We look forward to what the future holds.


Mom and Dad

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