10 Months Old

Dearest Lucas,

You are 10 Months old today!!


Height – 27 in (12th percentile)

Weight – @ 17-18 lbs

Head Circumference – ??


You are still Breastfeeding. I never imagined that we would be able to make it this far. We are phasing out the pureed food and giving you more and more finger foods. You never cease to amaze me when it comes to eating. You LOVE to eat. In fact I have yet to find something that you won’t eat. Your teachers at school say that you are the neatest eater. While all the other kids throw their food everywhere…you eat all of yours and don’t waste time tossing it on the floor. That makes your dad VERY happy. So far, you like turkey, ham, chicken, cheese, green beans, avocado, mango, banana, pears, peas, grapes, watermelon, eggs, toast, blueberry muffin and pretty much anything else I give you 🙂 You still only have 1 tooth, but it doesn’t really seem to slow you down.


You are wearing 6-12 mos. I still pick up 3-6/6 mos size clothes and think they would be too big for you, when in fact they are very small. You just keep growing before our very eyes.


You are still in Cruisers, size 3.


Where do I start? You are changing every single day. It has been so much fun watching you grow up. I have been pretty certain that you would never truly crawl, but amidst the army crawl/tummy scoot that you love to do, you have started truly crawling here and there. You are getting into cabinets which is so fun to watch you explore. One of your favorites is the media cabinet where you pull open the drawers pulling out DVD’s. We have had 1 minor incident where you opened a cabinet in the kitchen where you proceeded to pull out 2 pyrex dishes which came crashing down all around you. I turned around to see you standing amidst huge chards of glass and I yanked you up before you got scared and sat down. I am so glad you were ok. While we still have not baby proofed anything, I do have 2 designated cabinets for you in the Kitchen and Bathroom. These are safe cabinets which are pretty successful in holding your attention for more than a few seconds.

You are pulling yourself up to a standing position which is fun to watch but also scary knowing that you are growing up so quickly.

You went on your first airplane ride this past month to Chicago to meet your dad and see your aunt, uncle, and cousins. You were truly amazing. One of the passengers walked by and commented that you were one of the most behaved babies he had ever seen. While other passengers also seemed surprised, I wasn’t surprised in the least. You are such a great baby, especially in Public


Since the time change, I have been trying to do a little more with you before we eat dinner which means that your bedtime has moved back to 7-7:30p. Now that you are becoming more aware, I want to maximize our time together which typically comes in the form of walks, or just flat out playing. Recently, you have started waking up around 6-6:30a which becomes a bit tricky when I have to go into the office.

Your Dad and I love you dearly. We are blessed beyond measure to be your parents. Thank You for lighting up our lives each and every day. We look forward to what the future holds.

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