11 Months Old

Dearest Lucas,

You are 11 Months old today!!


Height – 27 in (12th percentile)

Weight – @ 19 lbs

Head Circumference – ??


You are still Breastfeeding. Fulltime on the weekends and during the week, you get 3 bottles (1 of those is formula). You are eating all table foods now which makes things so mauch easier. At school, I have finally allowed them to start giving you their foods. They have a 5 week rotating menu and I have taken and highlighted those foods that are ok for you to eat. So far you have been doing great. I did notice that one day you had a turkey sandwhich and cheetos….I don’t remember ok’ing the cheetos so I may have to revisit that menu and let them know that is not preferred (by me 🙂 ). I don’t have any specific foods that you have tried new this month. As I have mentioned before, you will eat anything I give you.


You have pretty much grown out of anything up to 9 mos and are mostly wearing 9, 12 mos clothes. I have been impressed with the cute boy clothes that are out there. Your dad has always said that I could dress you in “cute” things until you were 1 and then it had to be boy/masculine clothes (nothing that makes you look whimpy after age 1 :).


You are still in Cruisers, size 3.


The Milestones this month have been endless. It seems you are doing/ saying something new everyday. Throughout the past month you have started mimicking. It is amazing to see you respond and absorb things so quickly. Your mind is growing each and every day. So far, you are saying No No, Uh Oh, All Done, GiGi (this really excited your GiGi). A coupld of weeks ago we were at your GiGi and Pop’s. Your GiGi swore it sounded like you were saying her name, but we weren’t really sure. At one point, she had been out of the room for a while and when she walked in and you saw her, you scremed “GiGi” and pointed at her. It was hysterical and DEFINITELY made yur GiGi’s day. You are also clapping now and you finally cut your 2nd tooth.

You decided to start moving around on your feet this month. One day I was in the kitchen and I looked to my left and you were pushing a dining room chair through the dining room and across the living room. It was the first time you had done this and you did it like a pro. I suddenly realized what you were doing and grabbed my camera. You had no idea I was watching you, and I think you may have been just as surprised at your new found abilites.


You are such an easy baby to put down for the night and for naps. For your naps, I close the blinds/curtains, put you in your sleep bag, give you a paci, sing you a quick song and lay you down. You are always wide awake, and for the most part never make a peep. Sometimes you are out instantly, and others it takes you a few minutes. At night, I nurse you, and sometimes I will try to sing you a song, but many nights you are so tired that you lunge for your crib because you just want to be put down.

For the past 6 weeks or so you have been getting up around 6-6:30. I keep thinking that maybe it is b/c you are teething and that you will get back to sleeping until 7. So, far, no such luck. Sometimes you get up before 6 which is a killer even during the week. Now that you are so mobil getting ready and getting out the door in the morning is becoming more challenging. I have started getting up again before 6 so I could try and beat you to the punch but I swear you can tell I am up so you decide it is a good time to rise and shine as well. It definitely makes things tricky, but who can resist that great smile of yours 🙂

Your dad and I continue to be blessed each and every day. You light up our lives and we continually look forward to each and every day. Thank you for being such an amazing baby. You have set the bar 🙂

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