12 Months

Dearest Lucas,

You are 12 mos old today… Yes you have turned 1.

Stats: We will find out at his check-up in a few days

Height – TBD

Weight – TBD

Head Circumference – TBD

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that you came into this world. Last night, while putting you to sleep, I just wanted to hold you…and hold you I did. I had a tough time laying you down in your crib because I felt like I was saying goodbye to you as my baby and when you woke up on your birthday we would be entering a new chapter in our lives (the toddler years :). In all honesty, every day is a new chapter. You have been the most amazing baby I could have ever asked for. You have spoiled me and I only hope the next one is as easy as you are, but of course I fear I could never be so lucky again.


The only change this month is that we dropped a feeding for you during the day. The first 1/2 of the days you were getting a lot of food and milk in a short period of time which ultimately led you to not drinking your bottles. By dropping one feeding you started drinking all of the other two bottles. I started giving you whole milk over the past couple of weeks. Not a lot, just a little at lunch and dinner and you seem to really like it. You seemed caught off guard with it being so cold, but you do like it.

I am still nursing morning and night, but as much as I like it, I think it is time to wean you.  Before you were born, I set the first goal at 6 mos and then figured I would take it month by month after that all the while knowing I really wanted to make it to 1 yr. I would say it has been a great success considering the fact that I have been back at work for 9 months and pumped 8 of those 9 months. In my mind if I was able, there was no purpose in stopping. Of course I tell myself that it’s time to wean, but executing it will be a totally different story. I do enjoy that time with you, but I just think its time. I don’t want to end up on the cover of time magazine 🙂


You have pretty much grown out of anything smaller than 12 mos and are wearing anything between 12-18mos.


You are still wearing Cruisers size 3


You are still waking up between 6-6:30 (sometimes earlier) which makes getting ready during the week an interesting task. You are going to bed around 7:30 every evening. Shortly after turning 11 mos, your school decided that it was time to move you up to the toddler room. This took me by surprise as I expected to have 1 more month before you had to move to the big kid room. I loved the idea of there being so few kids in that classroom, but I hated (and still do) the idea of you only getting 1 nap a day. You just aren’t ready for that yet. You still really need your two naps. On top of that, you were starting your ISR Swim lessons in the evening so I was worried about you being so overtired while being expected to “perform” for your swimming. You are doing fine although you are a bit tired in the evenings. I am trying to move your bed time up a bit to compensate for the lack of sleep you are getting during the day. I will say that you certainly love the two naps on the weekends as they are much needed.


Really there are so many to list. You are learning and doing more each and every day. So far, you are saying Daddy, mommy, All Done, Uh Oh, Doggee, yum yum (sounds like nom nom nom) (same as last month) and No No No. Although it seems that lately, everything is Daddy (the fan, lights, dogs, , etc…) It is pretty funny because even your teachers at school have even mentioned that you say daddy all day long. Over the past day or so it sounded like you said Thank You and Flower. Your dad and I are having to watch what we say b/c you are starting to mimic us.

You are going to be walking any day now. You are walking along furniture, walking holding onto our hands, and are taking a step between furniture and standing on your own ofr a few seconds. You have also started walking with your walking toys. Because we have hardwood floors, I have been fearful about letting you walk with your toys b/c I worried that you would get going so fast that you wouldn’t be able to keep up. Well, you do go quickly, but you are fully capable of keeping up. I am amazed at how balanced you have become. We are just holding our breath.

You have discovered the shower (our walk-in) and the toilet and ohh how you love both 🙂 I have put a lock on one of the toilets, and will be getting a lock for the other toilet. Now, we just need to figure a way to keep you out of the shower.

Getting ready in the morning during the week has become quite the chore now that you are so mobile. I have had to start getting up earlier again to try and beat you to the punch. Because there is so much for you to get into in our bathroom, (climbing in the tub, toilet, and shower), I have to try and shower, do hair and makeup before you wake up. Otherwise, if you are awake, it takes me twice as long b/c I am constantly chasing you around..taking you off of the step of the tub, and out of the toilet

We have started proofing, but now we need to go full force.

Thank You for an incredible year that was nothing short of amazing. Your Dad and I love you so very much and can’t wait for what the future has in store.


Mom and Dad

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