The Big Bash 1.0

Well if that wasn’t a 1st Birthday party, I don’t know what was. Wow! Several weeks planning and over in an instant. It was fun though.  I continued the Nautical theme for the party (I know…big surprise:) This is the perfect theme for a bday party which falls right after the 4th of July….red white and blue accessories are in abundance. I have a feeling this kid is going to get sick of nautical swim parties. How else do you celebrate a summer time bday when you have a pool in the backyard ? 🙂

We had our closest family and friends over for a swim party which came out to roughly 25  adults and about 15 kids under the age of 8. Having a big backyard and a pool, it just didn’t seem like there were that many people there. I’m not sure that I will have a big bash every year, but it sure was fun. I feel I was pretty organized, but there was a point that I felt as though I was so busy with a few things that I didn’t really get to enjoy the party with my little main attraction…I found myself having to put things down so I could get in the pool and spend a  few minutes with the little guy.

Now, on to the details:

I spent quite a bit of time researching invitations…do I make my own, order printed invites or purchase a digital design where I would have to print them myself, etc… I went with the customized/printed invites so all I had to do was address and put them in the mail. I finally settled on Tiger Lily Invitations which I found on Etsy.  I had a very easy and pain free experience. If you are looking for stationary, I encourage you to check out this great little shop.

I printed out a picture from each of the monthly photo shoots and then taped them to Navy Blue Grosgrain Ribbon. I then hung the ribbon of photo’s on the wall. It was really fun to see how much this little man has changed over the past year.

I have been able to resurrect my scrapbooking accessories and used them to make all kinds of things for this party like the Happy Birthday banner and the nautical flag banner that I hung up outside on the patio.

I made a nautical flag banner which I used to string across one of the walls on the back porch

I’m usually a cake person, but decided to go the cupcake route for the party and I’m glad I did b/c I think they turned out pretty good. Now, I wanted to make Lucas’ smash cake on my own, but I asked my mother in Law to make the cupcakes as she is a master when it comes to cooking and baking. I did, however, decide to make the cupcake toppers. I found some really cute ideas and ended up making the toppers as sails. My SIL offered me her cupcake stand and after making the toppers I was worried the cupcakes would not fit, but they ended up fitting just perfectly.

I stumbled across some grosgrain ribbon with an anchor design on it so I used the ribbon and laid it over a navy blue ribbon and wrapped it around a couple of hurricanes. I then filled them with yogurt covered pretzels and gold fish….quite the hit with the kiddos and adults J

As far as the menu is concerned, I was determined to not have to cook/grill during the party. I wanted to be able to enjoy it as much as possible.  I’m so glad I did this b/c it went by pretty quickly without having to spend a lot of time cooking. We had shredded beef sliders (I cooked 2 roasts in 2 crock pots the day before), pasta salad, made by a close family friend, shrimp (a most delicious/family favorite recipe made by my MIL, fruit salad made by my mom, and a bunch of other snack type foods (chips/dip, veggies, etc…). My MIL also made some really cute cookies (1 set in the shape of life rings and the other “monogrammed” with an “L”.

I probably went overboard on the party favors, but I was having quite a bit of fun with them. I did mini sand pails/shovels, a bag of goldfish, bubbles, a mini beach ball, and some cookies. I then made little tags and tied them on with twine
. In hindsight, for a 1 yr old’s party, I should have just stuck with the bubbles 🙂 I will definitely be scaling things back next year.

I came across the most adorable little sailor hat from Grammie’s Attic which I then look to a local embroidery shop to add Lucas’ name. You may be wondering why I had someone else embroider the hat when I just bought an embroidery machine…. Well I have no idea how to use the embroidery function yet (I barely know how to use the sewing function:) I have got to find a class to take

I know we have a big kid pool, but with all the little kiddos coming we added a kiddy pool too which was actually quite the hit (I just didn’t get pictures of all the kids using it. We did snap a pic of this little cutie though

I got easy birthday hat making instructions from a friends blog and passed it along to my MIL who was eager to help with the party. Instead of cutting out the pattern she simplified the process even more by buying a pre-made hat and covering it with patterned cardstock. I’d say it turned out pretty cute

THE cake – I’m no baker and during the process realized that there is a reason that you pay people to make cakes 🙂 It could be a fun process if I knew more about it. All in all I managed to do a decent job and learned a little in the process. Kristen L – I’m calling Tiers by Tista next year 🙂 Surprisingly enough Lucas dug right in. He immediately went for the icing. He did need a little help to dig deeper into the cake but once he did he went to town…

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from the party:

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One comment on “The Big Bash 1.0
  1. Super cute party!! Love the cupcakes and his little sailor outfit!!

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