Happy Birthday Elliott

Looking back at Lucas’ birth, I thought it was quite picture perfect. Yes, I did throw up. Yes, I was starving and by the time I delivered and was brought to my post partum room, the kitchen was closed so the only thing I was able to eat were some stale tacos that my In laws had brought for me. Yes my epidural had worn off so i had to receive an additional dose which ended up being a bit more than needed. And yes, Lucas was born with his cord wrapped around his neck. Even with all of those things, which I consider minimal (except the cord), I still felt that the delivery couldn’t have gone any smoother…. Did I mention that the nurses expected me to be pushing for hrs since he was my first so they had not prepared anything etc.. And to their surprise when asked to give a test push, I was immediately told to stop and my dr was paged (who was home having dinner). In a nutshell, I didn’t think I could top that…then along came Elliott…

For the same reason that we induced Lucas, we decided to induce Elliott. Everything was looking good on the weekly sonos with the exception that the sono on week 38 and 39 showed my fluid levels continuing to drop from 14 to 10 to 8 despite attempts to drown myself with water. So, while I had been trying to resist induction, at my 39 week appointment induction was eminent as my fluid levels were continuing to drop. While Doug and I had come packed and prepared to be admitted, we decided to induce the next day on April 12. Unfortunately, the only time available was at 5am…YUCK!

So we headed home for a few hrs to tie up lose ends with work, etc… We called Gigi to let her know the plans and that we would all spend the night with them that night so that we were closer to the hospital and so that we could leave Lucas there since he would be staying with them while we were in the hospital. Needless to say I could NOT sleep that night and neither could Lucas. He knew something was up…. It was pretty strange. He woke up around midnight crying and just wanted to lay in bed next to me… And I really just wanted to hold him with only a few hrs remaining as my only child…my baby. I was really struggling with the fact that he was no longer going to be the only recipient of my motherly affection. 4 am came really soon. I got up showered and we headed out the door, got checked in, and the pitocin was started at 6:30 am. This time around we did not have our family there with us as Doug’s family was watching Lucas and my mom was busy at work for a few hrs, but trying to get to us as soon as she could. It was strange, but in a way pretty nice for it to just be Doug and Me.

I had a great nurse who was instructed by my Dr that there was to be No test pushing. So she was prepared that this would likely be a fast L & D. Did i mention that we all had bets that this would be a lunch time baby. i was starving and determined to have lunch. The Tools were set up early among other things. When I got to the hospital, I was dilated to about a 3. By 9:30 i asked for the epidural and at that point i was about a 4. By 10:30a I was a 5. Shortly after 11, I was a 6 and Elliott started “acting up” as the nurse said….heart rate dropping, etc… So 5 min after telling me I was a 6 she decided to check me again and I was complete and ready to push. I had let my mom know when I was a 6 and that she had time to get there as I still had some time to go, and well, that was not the case.

I have to mention that the thing I hated most about my epidural with Lucas was that after being re-dosed, I couldn’t Feel a THING. I really hated that. This time around I could feel pressure but no pain….it was perfect. 3 pushes and he was born. He was small like Lucas (contradicting the sono the previous day which had him measuring at 7lb 13oz.

He weighed in at 6lb 4 oz, 19 inches long, born at 39 weeks 1 day.

He was absolutely perfect. The only thing is that he wasn’t drawing deep breaths… He was panting and grunting and it seemed that with the quick delivery, he must have swallowed some fluid on his way out…when a baby is in the canal for a while, the contractions help expel fluid out of the baby, but in this case that didn’t happen. So they put him skin on skin quickly, but told me not to nurse as he just needed to relax and catch his breath so to speak.

Immediately, the nurse brought me a dining menu so that Doug and I could order lunch.HA…. it was no secret how determined I was to eat. So eat we did before even leaving the delivery room….it was so nice 😉

After eating and spending some quiet time with Elliott, we were brought to my post partum room. Delivering early in the day meant we got some time to settle in before night time hit which was so nice. I was preparing for an all nighter with the babe, but as luck would have it, this little guy would sleep all night both nights in the hospital. Dad and I were both pretty happy.

As before, the hospital stay was great. I even noticed that the nurses didn’t quite bug us as often as they had done when we were there with Lucas. Especially on Night 2, they mentioned that they would only come in twice unless I needed something. So we slept….

The way I see it, if my deliveries and babies as a whole continue to be this perfect, we’re going to need more bedrooms b/c I could keep doing this 😉



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