Zoo or BUST

Now that Lucas is getting old enough to really want to learn and experience new things, I was determined that this year we would get him to the Zoo, Arboretum, etc… this year. So, in preparation, I used Christmas money to buy a family pass to both the zoo and Arboretum. I haven’t gone to either place as much as I would have hoped by this point in the year, probably because having a baby a few months ago certainly put the brakes on outings especially b/c chasing after a toddler is crazy now that I have an infant to take care of as well.

When Doug and I were growing up, the Dallas Zoo was stinky and old. Little did I know that the zoo was no longer owned by the city and was now privately funded and as a result had been completely redone with some really cool exhibits. When I took Lucas to the Zoo earlier this year with my moms group I was amazed. I really did not recognize the place. It no longer smelled and it just looked so “refreshed”. Ever since then I have been trying to convince the hub to come along with us, but he absolutely refused saying that it was too stinky and he had no interest in going. I just couldn’t convince him about the vast improvements.

Knowing he was going to be off work today for the July 4th Holiday extended weekend, I asked if we could all go as a family (especially since the temps are lower than normal for this time of year.) He finally said YES!

We loaded the double stroller, some, water, snacks and a sandwich for Lucas, and off we went (Did I mention it just takes longer to get out the door with 2 under the age of 2? J) Our planned 8:30 am departure turned into 9:15…not bad when we didn’t wake up until almost 8am (yes the ENTIRE house slept in). Enjoy the pics of our trip….

Hanging Out with the Penguins

Hanging Out with the Penguins


Bronc Riding the Elephant

Without a doubt, the Dallas Zoo is much better than it was 20 years ago. My favorite part is definitely the Giants of the Savanna which shows the elephants, Giraffe’s and Zebra’s out in a more natural habitat.


Chillin’ in the Savannah




Talk about Up Close and Personal. Lucas wanted to “Touch Him” until he had the opportunity to do so 🙂


The New Jeep Driver. “All Aboard…!”


Mommy can we have a cat?



Where do you like to have your family outings?

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